Autumn/winter trends- what is available now

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Now that we are counting down the days before kids go back to school and hopefully have most or all of the back to school shopping done we can start thinking about our own autumn/winter wardrobe.

Hello ladies,

Now that we are counting down the days before kids go back to school and hopefully have most or all of the back to school shopping done we can start thinking about our own autumn/winter wardrobe. As you might have noticed that all the independent boutiques and high street shops have already put their ‘New arrivals’ signs up so we can take a quick look at what is in already and how we can incorporate the latest trends into our wardrobes



Most prominent colours this season are:


This a lovely soft shade colour that can serve as a great alternative to the usual beiges and creams we see this time of the year. It works great with most other colours and you can pick and choose of how much of this colour you want to introduce into your wardrobe. You could go head to toe peach with a dress or blouse and skirt if you wanted to or you could invest in one of those pieces and wear it with items you already have

This skirt would look great with a black turtle neck or silk blouse as well as neutral colour prints. If you have a good selection of tops and blouses from previous season this skirt would be a great addition and would help create multiple outfits capturing multiple season trends (more about that below)

Alternatively, if you invested in good pair of trousers or jeans last season and you would like to get more wear out of them adding a blouse in seasonal colour is great, cost-effective way to bring your look more up to date

 If you prefer more casual look why not invest in a peach colour jumper- its simple design ensure versatility. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and boots on a weekend oR combine it with a smarter outfit for more office-friendly lool



This colour is dark and deep and it is a great alternative to the usual blacks and navies. Once again it is completely up to you how much of this you want to bring it- go head to toe or mix it up with separates. This colour will work with other colours the same way black or navy would so the only limit is your imagination and your existing wardrobe


This is a rich deep colour that will make any blue or green eyes pop. If you prefer brighter colours even in the colder season, this is a great colour for you.



The print is another good way to introduce seasonal colour into your wardrobe and even capture multiple seasonal trends. This dress has both green and blue colour going through it

While this blouse captures blues, greens and peach in the print


We cannot talk about autumn-winter trends and not mention animal print. Yes yes! Not only is it back for another season it has actually evolved. Rather than being predictable  and obvious animal print now comes in seasonal colours and even blurs the lines between watercolour/tie-dye and animal print

This dress captures animal print in seasonal green

While this python print blouse comes in peach

The print in this wrap dress mixes tie-dye techniques with a hint of animal print while also including most prominent season’s colours


Now that we have covered the colours and prints lets talk about styles. Autumn/winter 2019 season is incredibly inclusive. There is something for everyone, whether you are like classic style and clean-cut lines or you like to mix things up and make a statement there you are in luck J.


One of the more prominent trends is what fashion bloggers and magazines call the bourgeois style. I would call it ‘taking our power back’ style. It is feminine it is elegant, classy and comfortable. We are seeing a lot of midi skirts, bow-tie blouses and block heel shoes.

You could pick one or two pieces and mix and match them with items you already own to create that retro feel



That is another trend that has continued from the previous season and can be seen in dresses, knitwear and blouses too. Throw on a little light knit puffed sleeve jumper with your jeans or a puffed sleeve blouse with your classic pencil skirt and immediately your wardrobe is brought up to current trend


Don’t rush into throwing all your skinnies out just yet however make note of the alternative- the wide-leg trousers. Super flattering on most body shapes and super comfortable too. If you are going to invest this season, good quality, well-tailored trousers might be a good start. Comfort alone will guarantee that you will wear them frequently and with pleasure hence getting the most value for your money



If you prefer more classic style you will love the capes that have made another appearance on the autumn/winter catwalks and now shop windows. Capes have an almost regal feel to them and immediately lift even the most casual outfit

Having said that there is no denying that the big winner this season is the puffer jacket in all shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you are looking for something short and practical to throw on while running errands and you need something long and loud you will be sure to be spoiled for choice this season.


We absolutely love doing these blogs and videos discussing new trends, new seasons, new possibilities for outfits that will make you feel refreshed, excited and beautiful. However, as usual, we ask you to be smart and ruthless when judging these new trends. Just because it is in fashion it does not mean that you absolutely have to wear it. Take your time to think about your body shape, your lifestyle, your personal style and your needs before you invest in anything. Every item you buy must fit in with and enrich your existing wardrobe. You must be able to style it and wear it in multiple ways (with multiple pieces you already own) in order for you to get value for money. That is the key to a functional wardrobe that works for you (and not the other way around)

Happy shopping ladies J

With love



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