How to dress well even if you are not 'into fashion'

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3 easy simple steps that have nothing to do with passion for fashion. Practical, easy to follow steps you can take to learn how to dress well even if you are not ‘into fashion’

Hey girls!

We all know somebody who seems to be always on trend- you know those girls who seem to buy every new outfit that comes out and always look like they have just stepped off the latest Zara window display?! They follow all the influencers, read fashion magazines and get instant notifications from all the highs street brands. But what if you do not? What if your passion lays somewhere else? What if you do not enjoy shopping or reading the latest fashion blogs? Does that mean you are destined to wear ill-fitting supermarket trousers and blouses and telling yourself that it is not all about the looks?! Well, we have some good news for you, my dear, you can absolutely be well dressed and looking good all the time even if you are NOT INTO FASHION.


The why


Why should you care about how you dress and how you look? Why should you succumb to this shallow, hedonistic outlook? Maybe you spent years working on your talents and your skills and you are absolutely smashing it in your area of expertise, why should you waste your time trapesing the shopping centers or worrying if that dress style emphasizes the best part of your body? With your skill, who even cares what your body looks like! You should be appreciated for your brain, not your looks! And do you know what? You are absolutely right! Your brain, your skills, and your talents should be appreciated and valued without a doubt. No dress will ever compensate for lack of skill and abilities, however, if you are somebody who spent years becoming good or even the best in your field it is actually good business sense to ‘package’ those skills appropriately.  In our previous blog post ‘The Why’ we went into great detail talking about how people form an opinion about us within the first 3 seconds of meeting us. It has nothing to do with vanity and judgment, it’s a basic human instinct to evaluate a person and decide whether they are safe to be around. However, this instinct expands further than safety, once our brain decides that the person in front of us does not pose immediate danger it looks for certain features which it will use to ‘file’ that person in our memory bank. Every person gets filed away in our memory under certain headings based on the impression they make. You can try it as a fun exercise: choose an adjective people might use to describe a person, say it out loud and let your brain do the search (pretty much like google but a lot faster) and see what person’s face pops up in your mind. Cool isn’t it? Now think, what heading do you want to be filed under? People will form an opinion about you within the first 3 seconds of meeting you, make sure it is the right one. If you want people to think that you are more than capable of performing tasks to the highest standard make sure that you come across that way- would you trust someone to take care of your finances if they can’t even take care of themselves? If you look sloppy and out of date, it is easy for people to assume that your work will be too. Your clothes will tell people a lot about you before you even get a chance to open your mouth so make sure they say the right things!

 The second reason why you should invest a little bit of effort and time into your appearance is YOU. We said a thousand times- your opinion of you is the most important thing and it has the biggest effect on your success and happiness. Try and remember a time when you looked particularly good. Maybe it was your wedding day or any other special occasion when you got your hair and makeup done and you wore a beautiful outfit. How did you feel when you looked in the mirror? I bet your shoulders went back, your chin went up and you felt a couple of inches taller! When we feel inside ourselves that we look good, our confidence levels go up, our self-esteem increases and we soar! We are ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead. That’s a fact, my dear! If you are not going to do it for anyone else's opinion of you do it for you own, because (once again!!!) your opinion of you is the most important thing and it has the biggest effect on your level of success and happiness.



Now that we cover the reasons why you should do it, let's talk about how to do it. Don’t worry, if you are not into fashion or clothes you do not need to suddenly become a fashionista or a stylist. All you need to know is how to dress yourself. Dressing well is a skill and therefore it can be learned. Here are a few simple steps that will take you from ‘lost’ to ‘looking gooooood’ in no time:

1.       Know your shape

This is really important because it forms the absolute bases of all the other steps. You have to know what shape your body is in order to know what suits you and what does not. Getting to know your body is like getting to know your team at work. You have to know what tasks each person performs best. E.g. you know that IT guy is great at fixing your crashed laptop and the payroll accountant can answer your questions about tax credits. Same with your body, if your body is pear-shaped you can rest assured that it can rock an a-line dress like nobody else, and if its apple-shaped then skinny jeans will show off that small bottom and gorgeous pins to the max. Do you see where I’m going with this? Once you know what your body shape is you can focus only on the clothes that are suitable for yours. That will greatly narrow down the selection you need to choose from when shopping, in turn, reducing overwhelm and confusion.

The second reason why it is important to know what your body shape is- once you know what your shape is you will know what are your best features so you can focus on them. Instead of beating yourself up for the things you do not poses you can start focusing on the things that you do have to show off. You start shifting your focus to the positive and start appreciating your body for what it is instead of pushing it for what it is not (you wouldn’t get annoyed with your IT guy for not knowing how much tax credits you can claim in a year, would you?)

2.       Figure out what your style is

Once you know what your body shape is and what cuts suit you, you need to decide what you actually like. The easiest way to do that is to look for inspiration. Try googling celebrities with the same body shape as yours and start looking at the outfits they wear. Most of them have spent a lot of money building their personal brands so most of them know what they are doing. Start looking through the pictures and save or screenshot those that seem appealing to you. Once you spend some time doing that you should have a good selection of photos in your gallery that you like. Start looking through those- can you see a pattern or a certain style that majority of those pictures have in common? Can you describe that pattern or style? Is it cool casual, is it classic, clean-cut, maybe its dark rock chick style! Once you zone in on the specific description of that pattern that’s it- that is your style! From now on only look at things that match that description and try not to get distracted. If you do not succumb to impulse or pressurized buying you should never again have things hanging in your wardrobe that you never ever pull out because you never ever feel like wearing them. Be true to yourself and now that you know what appeals to you- stick with it. Trust me, it will get easier and easier with practice

3.       Establish your uniform

A style is a general description of the feeling/mood of clothes that you like, a uniform is a specific set of clothing items that you wear the most. For example- my uniform is a dress. I am a queen of dresses. I believe that with a good selection of dresses you will never ‘have nothing to wear’. I have casual dresses, I have smart work dresses, I have shirt and jersey dresses for weekends, knit dresses for winter, cocktail dressed for special occasions. I feel best in a dress and I believe that wearing dresses allows me to look good and put together with minimum effort.  For you, it might be jeans and a t-shirt. Similarly, you can have casual jeans that you wear with simple cotton t-shirts on weekends and you might have dressy jeans that you team with a silk cami for a night out. If you would like to know more about finding your uniform you can read our full blog post here

And that is it- 3 easy simple steps that have nothing to do with a passion for fashion. Practical, easy to follow steps you can take to learn how to dress well even if you are not ‘into fashion’. Go on, embrace every aspect of being a woman and release the goddess within, you know she is in there ;)



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