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With lock-down extended and nails growing out and catching on everything more  and more women are starting to feel demotivated to get up of the couch or even brush their hair- when nobody can see WHY BOTHER?! The cost of lock-down SLOB SLUMP is lack of energy and motivation, loss in confidence and productivity, irritability, poor sleep and feeling pretty crap about yourself

To be honest, I have already lost track of the number of weeks we have been in lock-down. I have spoken to some of my friends and I attended a virtual networking even with other mums in business and the overwhelming feedback I got was that everyone is loosing motivation, loosing momentum, feeling lost, stopped brushing their hair, rarely bother to get dresses, have given up on all their ‘quarantine’ projects and live in pretty much constant food coma. The novelty of being able to work from the comfort of your home (or your bed) has pretty much worn off now, nails are grown out and catching on everything, roots have grown out and make you grunt every time you look in the mirror and since no one can see you succumbing to ‘WHY BOTHER’ attitude is becoming easier and easier.

The cost of motivational slump

I do agree that we probably all needed to slow down a bit before the COVID-19 actually forced us to do that, however after awhile, loss of any sense of routine does start affect us in a rather adverse way. We all need pyjama days from time to time and I am sure for a day or two it felt so cool to work while wearing your cosy slippers and not worrying about your outfit or your make up or your hair in the morning. However scientific research has proven that your appearance has a huge and direct affect on your confidence levels. If you are walking around the house in the same clothes you slept in for a third day in a row and you haven’t touched your make up or a hairbrush since the start of the quarantine the likelihood is that you are not feeling very HOT either. WHAT IS THE FIRST THOUGHT THAT COMES TO YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR? Is it a positive one? I know a few women who are stuck in a SLOB SLUMP and cannot see a way out. They feel lazy, frumpy, unattractive as if they have completely lost themselves and the go-getter ambitious side of them has fallen in to deep hibernation. The real cost of ‘WHY BOTHER’ slump is loss of confidence, loss of sense of motivation, drop in productivity, negative thoughts and irritability. Doe that sound familiar?



The solution to getting out of the LOCK-DOWN SLOB SLUMP is actually quite easy. All you need to do is:




But most importantly off all  DO NOT OVERTHINK IT!!!

If you are feeling completely de-motivated and just cannot be bothered, don’t lay there in bed waiting for inspiration. When you are in a SLOB SLUMP the inspiration and motivation might never come. When your whole essence has fallen into the ‘stand-by’ mode your body is in energy conservation mode and you might feel physically incapable of doing anything. In this instance following Mel Robbins advice of a 5 second rule is the only way out. As soon as you wake up, or as soon as you make a decision to get out of this slump just count 5-4-3-2-1 and GET UP, DRESS UP, SHOW UP! If you allow yourself to start thinking about your to-do list, or the situation we find ourselves in or anything at all, before you know it you will talk yourself out of action and press the snooze button or click play on the next episode of the Netflix show you are binge watching. Resist the temptation to succumb to the devil on your shoulder, count down and launch yourself of the couch and out of bed. Wash, your face, get dressed and show up for life, work and your business!


Getting up at your normal time will help you get back that sense of normality and routine. Even if you don’t need to be this early any more, take longer to prepare and enjoy your breakfast or just start your work earlier. The sooner you take on the tasks of the day the sooner you will start feeling productive again.

Now that you are not under pressure to beat the traffic this is a great time to develop a healthy morning routine. Even if you are not into affirmations or journaling you can enjoy your morning coffee in your back garden, do some stretches or just take a few deep breaths of fresh, crisp morning air. You will instantly feel more energised.




There have been plenty of research done on how our appearance affects our success professionally. Usually people assume that its because other people might judge us based on our appearance, but the truth is that our own opinion of us is the most important  factor in our happiness and success. As I have said thousands times before ‘EVEN IF NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE YOU, YOU SEE YOU’. If you have reached a point where you are avoiding mirrors in your house, you really need to stop and make an effort FOR YOU. Pick an outfit from your wardrobe that makes you feel good! No more than ever, we should do everything that week can to boost our self worth, self esteem, self confidence and general good feelings about ourselves. In these uncertain times, you staying your is the only thing you can truly control


In addition, getting dressed and looking smarter sends a signal to our brain that slump is over and we now mean business. Just this simple action alone with give you a boost of energy required to proceed with your day.




Whether you are an entrepreneur, mumpreneur or on a corporate career ladder don’t let the LOCK-DOWN halt your business or you career to a full stop, or even worse, know you down a few steps. I am not going to tell  how this is the best chance for you to position yourself as a leader and stand out as someone who can roll with the changes and adapt and thrive in the face of uncertainty. If you feel down and de-motivated, the last thing you need is more pressure. However I will advise to re-connect with your goals. Now that you have slowed down and you are no longer on the hamster wheel you should be able to sit down and reflect on what it is you are working towards, what sort of life you are trying to create and what is truly important to you. Whether this time re-affirms that you still want to achieve the goals you set yourself in the past or you will realise that you want  something completely different but you’ve been too busy to see it, connecting with your goal will light the fire in the pit of your stomach that you need to power thought this. All you need to do is ask yourself, is what I am doing getting me closer to my goal or not? You could also start your day by asking yourself, what can I do today that will get me closer to my goal? Reminding yourself what you are doing this for will give you all the motivation and energy you need to keep moving forward, even if it just one or two tasks a day.

The other benefit of working towards your goals is- you will tire yourself out. I have noticed myself that for the few days that I allowed myself to ‘do nothing’ at the end of the day I felt disappointed in myself for being lazy and unproductive and I didn’t feel tired enough to fall asleep. I ended up staying up late, watching Law and order, then I woke up feeling groggy which led to another unproductive day of slobbing around the house which led to another night of crappy sleep. When you show up for your goals every day, you expense energy to work towards them, the both feel pleased with your progress and you tire yourself out so that at the end of the day you can fall asleep feeling content and at peace. It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation if you ask me and just the thought of having a good nights sleep seems to be worth the effort.



So here it is beautiful lady- 3 simple steps to get out of the Lock-down Slob Slump-GET UP, DRESS UP, SHOW UP  and what ever you do- DO NOT OVER THINK IT!



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