How to make your wardrobe your best friend

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There was a time when a thought of having to get dressed and go out made me feel tired, drained and exhausted because I knew that it will spend ages trying to find what to wear, trying to match things together and I will still go out feeling crap, frumpy, unattractive, dull, uninspired and most importantly exhausted and too depressed to do anything... but now, no matter what life/work/kids/day throws at me- MY WARDROBE ALWAYS HAS MY BACK! The life of 4 time mumpreneur is far from smooth sailing' but if I start the day feeling good about myself, looking like I have it all together, my day is more likely to go that way and I can deal with what ever I need to deal with feeling at ease and confident within myself

So let’s talk real life now- I have 4 kids spanning from ages 16 (teenage tantrums!!!) to 2 (toddler tantrums!!!) and I also have a business I am currently trying to build up because I feel so passionate about it. I have no childminder, cleaner, cook or an uber on retainer- I am all those things, so do I have time to feel deflated, low on energy, low on self-esteem and will get on with my day and get stuff done??? NOPE!!!

I am a living proof of how going from feeling like a frump to feeling (mostly) fabulous can transform your life!

There was a time when I had no idea what suits my body, I had no clue what I like and how I want to look and I mostly just tried to look like others, thinking that if I can look as good as them, I will feel just as good as them. The result was mostly disappointment, increased hate for my body and feeling more frustrated and drained. Buying or trying on things that aren’t made for your shape will do that to you….

Fast forward a few years, a few good personal style skills, knowledge and acceptance of my body and most importantly – understanding and acceptance of myself has led me here! I am proud to say that I am now in a place where I rarely ever say- I have nothing to wear. No matter what the day throws at me, no matter what the weather is or how long I have to get ready I know with certainty that there are plenty of clothes in my wardrobe that will flatter my body, just as it is right now, will go together and will make me feel comfortable, confident and like ME!

Why that is important?

1.       When mama feels good- everything runs smoothly

2.       When I feel better about myself I am a more patient mum, more loving partner and a more fun fiend

3.       I like feeling good about myself just as I am, right now. I am worth it!!!!


The truth is, it is not that complicate. Any woman, no matter her age, size and her calling can and should feel good about herself every day. Haven’t your heard? Girls run the world! And the world could certainly benefit from more content, inspired women who embrace and spread love, compassion and a new way of being (rather than surviving or pushing)

So here is what you do:

1.       Become BFFS with your body. No matter what size, shape or age you are right now EVERY BODY HAS IT’S OWN AMAZING FEATURES. I can put my house on the bet that whatever you have right now, there are women out there who are willing to kill for it. For every pear who has a lovely well defined waist but wants to have slim legs and narrow hips there is an inverted triangle who would kill for that waist-hip curve and might even be willing to sacrifice her sexy pins to get it. Shift your focus from what you don’t like and start appreciating and accentuating what you have been blessed with.

2.       Get clear on how you actually want to look. This is a tricky one because it requires women to stop worrying about what others will think and about all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘donts’ and truly focus on who she is on the inside, awaken the goddess with in and finally let her out and let her shine. I know that sounds a little woo woo but I have worked with enough women to know with certainty that deep down every woman knows who she is and how she wants to look as the most fabulous version of herself. Even if you are not into fashion, you intuitively know what you like and what you don’t like. When you let go of self-imposed ‘rules’ of what you think you should look like for someone your age or in your position and embrace what makes you happy and makes you stand up tall and confident when you see yourself in the mirror getting dressed and shopping becomes easy, it feels natural, it is no longer a chore or a drain on your energy and it can even be enjoyable – EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT INTO FASHION

3.       OWN IT! LOVE IT! PERFECT IT!- once you know what suits your body and you know what brings you joy, focus on that. Release comparison to others or chasing trends. When you concentrate on what works for you and fill your wardrobe that matches those requirements you end up with a truly functional wardrobe- one that always has your back! Even on the days when you are not feeling the best, a little bloated, a bit more self-conscious about your bum, belly or arms your wardrobe will be your best friend by providing you with clothes that once again shift your focus on your beauty, your best features, on how amazing, capable and put- together you are!


Go ahead and try it! I promise, you will never look back! You have to get dressed every day anyway, so why not make it truly work for you




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