Style tips for mums

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Becoming a mother is one of the biggest life changes a woman goes through in her life. When you have so much to take care off and so much to do feeling good about yourself can make a huge difference. 

Styling tips for mums


Becoming a mother is one of the biggest life changes a woman goes through in her life. It changes everything- our bodies, our time allocation, our priorities, our needs and in a sense of our identities. That is even more so if you have more than one little person to take care of other than yourself every day. It is natural that most mothers will choose and want to put the needs of their children at the top of their priority list followed by their job, housework and their other half so it is not surprising that with so many plates to spin mums tend to neglect themselves. I know I have been saying that a lot lately, I even have a full length video done speaking about the importance of not allowing that to happen. When we have so much to take care off and so much to do feeling good about our-self can make a huge difference. When we feel good about how we look and what we wear we have more energy and more confidence to deal with whatever daily life as a mommy throws at us. If we feel good about ourselves we are happier and therefore we can be better mothers, better wives and nicer to be around. Let’s be real, when we become mothers we ‘sacrifice’ our independence and huge chunk of our time to take care of someone else and that can be really hard. We deal with unfamiliar challenges while trying to cope with very little sleep so it is a really bad time to lose our own identity, our confidence and our self-esteem too. While such ‘frivolous’ things as fashion and shopping might not be high on our list of priorities feeling good about how we look can be made easy, take little time and make a huge positive impact

Here are a few tips any mummy can following to squeeze a bit of self-care into hectic life

Every mom’s clothes have to meet three main requirement:

1.       Easy to put together

2.       Comfortable

3.       Practical


Easy to put together


If you are missing out on sleep and you are on a go all day you don’t want to be spending too much time getting ready in the mornings. Make sure you are stocked up on basics such as tops, t-shirt, basic trousers (jeans), basic dresses. Stick to two or three basic colours (like black, grey, beige or white), that way all the pieces will be easy to mix and match and basic items can be easily jazzed up with more statement pieces like accessories, scarves, shoes or trendy items such like jackets, blazers etc. Once you have your basics right you will always have something to wear and you can change them up based on how much energy you have that day and what mood you are in that day.


Easy to put together outfits would be:

Leggings and t-shit: add a shirt, long cardigan, deconstructed blazer, leather jacket, scarf etc to make it look more put together instead of lazy. There is a really good variety of longer or asymmetric t-shirts out there that will look more stylish teamed together with leggings and go for fashion runners rather than gym runners to make your outfit trendier. If you buy a pair of black fashion runners they will be very versatile or if you are someone who likes a bit of colour adding a pair of brightly coloured runners to your basic outfit will really give it a lift and will show off your personality.

In winter you can wear your leggings with tunics or longer jumpers. Layering T-shirts and loose fitting light knit jumpers always looks good and stylish as well as allowing you to add or take off layers as you need them.


T-shirt or shirt dress/cotton dress: it’s one piece and you are dressed. No matching required.

Go for a shift style dress or something that isn’t too tight, can be long sleeves or short sleeves you can add accessories or jackets to it but very little matching is required.


Jumpsuits: similar to dresses- one piece outfit, but make sure it fits you well and you feel comfortable and good wearing it


Jeans- invest in a pair that really suits your shape and makes you feel really good. Avoid jeans that are digging into you or make you feel self-conscious. Similar to leggings layering tops with you jeans will make your outfit more fashion forward


Athleisure wear

Athleisure wear is going through a real boom now and it allows you to wear really comfortable stretchy outfits and not look like you are on the way to the gym all the time. There are really beautiful two piece suits that you can buy that will look very stylish and trendy but it’ll take no effort in putting together. They are also great if you are a stay at home mom as they give a more stylish alternative to washed off tracksuit bottoms and old hoody.




  Confidence comes from comfort. It is really important that whatever you choose is comfortable to wear so you don’t feel self-conscious and you don’t need to be adjusting yourself all of the time. If you are comfortable you will be more relaxed and happier.

Consider your needs- if you have small children that you need to pick up all the time or sit with them on the floor, wearing things that are quite short probably wont work, so go for stretchy fabrics that allow you to move comfortably but go down below your knee, or wear shorts if it’s really warm. Maxi dresses are also a great option.

If you have toddlers take into account their runny noses and sticky fingers. With children so small I would recommend avoiding all white outfits and trying to incorporate patterns and prints in the same basic colours that will hide any pesky stains.


If you do not have much time to shop invest in a few pieces that are really good quality so that you can wear them and wash them over and over again. You can add cheaper, ‘fast fashion’ pieces depending on the season’s trends if you choose. That way you will always look well-presented and up to date with the world.


For easy life take a moment and think what is truly important to you? What, when done, gives you the biggest confidence boost? If it’s clean hair, then spend those few minutes in the morning washing your hair, forego make up and keep you outfits quite basic. If dressing up gives you the pep in your step then tie up your hair in a bun and take your time accessorizing instead. The aim of the game here is to make you feel better so concentrate on what is truly important to you.


If you are a working mom and you have to look smart for work, dress your children first and put your outfit on right before you need to go out the door. That way there will be less time for your little treasures to get their breakfast all over your pencil skirt. Have a pair of flat shoes in your car so you can wear them for drop off and collections from childcare. Wearing heels can be really tiring and you don’t want to be running up and down the school yard in your heels. Changing your shoes right before you go into your office is also a good way to transition your mind from mommy role to professional role. It will work as a signal for your brain to switch roles and power up the ‘professional’ part of your brain.


Best of luck mommies! Stay fabulous and remember that your smile is and always will be the best accessory!


Kind regards,

Danguole and Simona

D a la mode Boutique


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