Style vs Fashion

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A lot of girls might feel under a lot of pressure to conform to a certain look, usually approved by fashion magazines, celebrity culture and sometimes even peers. Under such circumstances it can be difficult to actually know what your true style is

Style vs Fashion


Today we would like to talk about Style vs Fashion. As you might have seen on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram there are loads of quotes by famous designers explaining the difference between the two- in simple terms Fashion is what you can buy in the shop, Style is what you do with the stuff you buy.

If a girl goes out and buys all the latest trends and wears them because magazines say that she should then she is definitely trendy but not necessarily stylish. If you wear something without consideration or a thought or even taking a moment to think whether you even like it then it is not a style. A style is something that comes from within, how you dress yourself tells the world around you how you see yourself, who you are, who you aim to be, what is your self-worth. You don’t have to chase the trends to have a style. You can be a vintage girl, who wears pin up girl dresses, you can be a rock chick girl who prefers slogan t-shirts and jeans, you can be a timeless classic girl who likes clean cuts and defined lines or you can be a sporty girl who likes to wear joggers and runners- who you are is totally your business!

A lot of girls might feel under a lot of pressure to conform to a certain look, usually approved by fashion magazines, celebrity culture and sometimes even peers. Under such circumstances it can be difficult to actually know what your true style is. We see lots of beautiful women who complain of never having anything to wear even though their wardrobes are full of clothes because in reality none of the clothes they have make them feel good, match their true style or match each other. This often occurs because they tend to buy things just because they are on sale or because that is what their friends/girls in the magazines are wearing without taking a moment to thing- is it what they really want to wear, does it reflect their personality in any way, will it make them feel good?

So let’s talk about simple steps that can be taken to find or pin down your personal style:


1.       Look at your wardrobe- pick out only the items that you truly like and enjoy wearing and then look at them and see how you would describe them, are they classic, are they ‘latest trend’, are they high quality, are they vintage, are they sporty? Finding specific word to describe your favourite pieces will be a great clue as to what style you already have. Intuitively every woman knows who she is but a lot of women lack the confidence or clarity to let that true self shine through. So if you like some of your clothes you have and feel good wearing them then that is a clear indication on what your style is. You can now use it as a guide and starting point in building your wardrobe which will be cohesive, your pieces will go together and you won’t have to stress about WHAT TO WEAR in the morning


However, if you don’t truly like anything in your wardrobe….. let’s see if we help you unveil your personal style…

2.      Know your shape

Knowing your shape is like knowing your strengths in business- what are your best features you want to show off, what part of your body you are most proud off. What cuts suit your shape best and make you look the best version of you. If you are not sure what your shape is, get that measuring tape out and measure your shoulders/bust, waits and hips. The ration between the three will tell you whether you are hourglass (bust and hips of similar size and clearly defined waist), pear (clearly defined waitst but bust is visible smaller than hips), aplle (waist is you widest part), rectangle (boyish figure, all three measurements are similar), inverted triangle (shoulders visibly wider than hips, slim legs). Each and every body shape has its best features, once you know what yours are you can really start building a wardrobe that will show them off each and every time.

3.       Once you know your shape, look for style icons

Google celebrities with hourglass shape, or style icons with apple body shape and start looking at the images. Take your time and be true to yourself, do you see anything you like? This exercise is for inspiration, not for imitation! You do not need to copy every piece of clothing those celebrities wear but use them to see what speaks to you. What do you like, what you don’t like? Start saving down the images that you like. Save outfit ideas you think you could see yourself wearing. Save as many as you can. Once that is done and you are sick of browsing go to your photo gallery and look at the pictures. Do you see a pattern? Do you see a certain style reoccurring in multiple pictures? If you don’t its ok. Put it away and come back to it at a later time. If you do see a certain style repeating itself, that is probably your preferred style.

4.       Pick out pieces that are reoccurring the most or pieces that you think you could really get lots of wear out of or something that might go with pieces you already have in your wardrobe- go out and try them on! See how it feels, do you feel comfortable, do you feel good? If you are unsure, take some pictures of yourself wearing those pieces and look at them, do you like what you see? Is it you? Be ruthless, if you don’t love it, don’t buy it just because that’s the idea you got from the picture exercise. Go back to your photo gallery again and see if there is anything else there that might work better.



Questions to ask yourself:

Does it represent me- true me. Not my friends, not the impression I think I should create because of your age or social status, but true me as I want to be.


Does it represent my company- this is particularly important for entrepreneurs and self-employed women who are the face of their brand. So, does your style send the right message about your brand?



5.      Think about work and leisure

We are all very used to getting done up for going out- we do our hair, do our make-up, we wear our best clothes, and what happens when we get home? Out comes the bally tracksuit that is no longer suitable for the gym or washed out leggings and stained hoody or old pyjamas. We all absolutely should feel comfortable at home, because that is one place where we can be ourselves but our selves does not need to be a slob. If you start avoiding mirrors in your own house because you are afraid of your own reflection then you need to stop and think! Maybe nobody else can see you, but YOU CAN SEE YOU! And your own opinion of you is the most important and has the grates effect on your self-confidence, your self-esteem and your success. Invest in leisure wear that makes you feel good!!!!! You are worth the effort.


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