The ULTIMATE rule for wardrobe clear-out

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Building a functional wardrobe or at least getting in control of pur wardrobes seems to be an in-exhaustable subject, however when comes down to it there is truly only one rule we need to follow!

I have written blogs and made videos about wardrobe clear out but it is an in-exhaustible topic. Every single day starts with your wardrobe, you cannot avoid it and more often than not your experience within your wardrobe will determine the experiences of the rest of your day. If you start your day by spending ages staring at your clothes, feeling utterly frustrated the likelihood is that you will leave the house feeling frustrated or even frumpy therefore you will carry that burden and that discomfort with you everywhere you go and into everything you do that day. So let’s agree, that there is a lot riding on having a functional wardrobe.


I have collated and posted lists of rules about what you should or shouldn’t keep in your wardrobe but ultimately it all comes down to philosophy employed by Marie Kondo herself- DOES IT SPARK JOY? All the rules and all the lists can be summed up and categorized under this one and only rule- Does it spark joy? How do you feel wearing it? Does it make you feel uplifted, elegant, classy, sexy, trendy, cool, put together? Do you feel comfortable and like yourself? Does it make you stand up tall and strut your stuff? If the answer is YES than KEEP IT, if the answer is NO, then OUT IT GOES. It is actually as simple as that!



Things that do not SPARK JOY


This blog post could potentially be as short as this if only we could stick to that one simple rule. However when it comes to making decisions about our wardrobes we have certain weaknesses that need to be addressed:




We sometimes might find it difficult to get rid of things that appear ‘good on paper’. For example, if you have a pair of black jeans that you only wore a couple of times, they are the right cut for your body shape, they are classic style so they haven’t gone out of fashion and the colour hasn’t washed out yet so there is no ‘rational’ reason to get rid of then other than the fact that YOU NEVER WEAR THEM. Maybe they are too tight around your waist, maybe they make you feel self-conscious for one reason or another, maybe they just never look right no matter what you put with them or maybe you just have better jeans so this pair never gets picked. No matter what the reasons are, you don’t even need to find a reason other than ‘THEY DO NOT SPARK JOY’. If you never pick them out of the drawer and you never feel like wearing them, then they don’t make you feel good and they have absolutely no value to you. Stop wasting your precious wardrobe space on something that gives nothing to you in return




This becomes a real issue for those women who have clothes in their wardrobe that still have tags on them. Some women hold on to things like that for years and years. There are many reasons why women buy things and never wear them, I am not going to get into them here (I feel like it requires a whole blog post of its own) but they really become a problem when they take up space in your wardrobe, creating clutter and making you feel guilty and bad every time you see them. However a lot of the time we tend to look for reasons to hold on to things that still have tags on them because we have the need to justify the purchase. It’s like Monica from Friends and those ridiculously expensive shoes- she feels obligated to wear the shoes that are killing her and making her feet bleed because she needs to justify the purchase.  So when you are going through the things in your wardrobe that still have tags on them ask yourself, do you truly like them or are you holding on to them because you are too stubborn to admit that it was a bad purchase?



Living in the fantasy world


In my style bootcamp (Frump to Fabulous BOOTCAMP) I take women through the process of discovering their true inner style. The tricky bit is finding balance between who you aspire to be (your ideal YOU) and the lifestyle you currently live. There is a lot of scientific research to back up the saying  ‘Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have’ however when the clothes you buy only work in your fantasy world and do not work at all in your reality, your wardrobe becomes your enemy rather than your ally. Not only is it not functional and doesn’t serve you it is a constant reminder of your ‘failures’ and dreams than never came true. This applies to clothes we hold on to because we think we will fit into them some day, we will go on that exotic holiday some day, we will go camping some day, we will get invited to a black-tie event some day…. If you aren’t wearing the clothes that are in your wardrobe RIGHT NOW, then they aren’t bringing you any joy! LET THEM GO! Trust me, when the ‘some day’ comes, you will want to celebrate it by treating yourself to a new outfit, and you will not want to weat one that has been gathering dust in your wardrobe for years. That applies to weight loss, dream holidays and fancy events.


And that is it ladies. That is truly all you need to know about getting your wardrobe under control, that is the only criteria you should truly apply- DOES IT SPARK JOY? Yes, I do talk a lot about dressing for your body shape, dressing appropriately and making sure that your appearance isn’t out of date, but the truth is most things that make you feel beautiful and comfortable will tick those boxes too. Follow your heart, don’t compromise, don’t rationalise or justify and make the most of who you right now.


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