We all suck a little

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Bloopers, stumbles and bad shots are for learning not for punishment!. In order to build true confidence that can stand the test of time and life (with all its ups and downs) we must ACCEPT that we all suck a little. Accept yourself as 'work in progress' and keep moving forward

Hello ladies,


A lot of self-development and confidence-building work revolves around positivity- positive self-talk, positive affirmations and building on your strengths so todays topic might seem a little contradictory, a little counter intuitive and a bit scandalous. However I believe that without accepting the fact that we all suck a little we cannot possibly succeed in building true confidence. We all have certain idealistic goals of what kind of person we want to be. Maybe we want to be more like that friend or distant relative you see on FB and Instagram feed every day- she seems to always look great, she has a great time, her weekends are fun filled, her kids are great, she travels and appears to have it all together etc etc (read bleh bleh bleh…) It’s ok and even encouraged to have role models and goals for yourself however what you should stop doing is take those goals and beat yourself with them everytime you fail to reach them or stumble a little on the way. We all have done that. Have you ever wasted money on a gym membership that you did not take advantage of or set some New Years resolutions and gave up on them a few weeks later and then felt like a failure? You might have told yourself that the dream life is not for you; you can never change; you don’t have the willpower to achieve anything; you are never meant to be fit or accomplished; you will never achieve anything because you have too many kids, too much to do, too many responsibilities. In the end, you felt worse about yourself then you did before you started. That is why I am here to tell you that WE ALL SUCK A LITTLE! Yes, even that friend on Facebook that appears to have it all together, she sucks a little too. So as I said, in order to build true confidence that can stand the test of time and life (with all its ups and downs) we must ACCEPT that we all suck a little. The keyword here being ‘ACCEPT’! We all have flaws we want to improve on. For example, I am always late, I sometimes struggle to complete projects I start and I should definitely look after myself better. I know that I am not perfect and these are the things I am working on. I accept that it will take time but I will improve. Part of self-love is accepting yourself as ‘work in progress’. The truth is, we will never be complete, there will always be something we will want to improve. Constantly reaching for something makes the world go round. If you think about people you care about I’m sure you will see their flaws too, but does that mean you love them less, do you constantly point it out to them? You love them for who they are, flaws and all. That is the key to long lasting friendships and relationships.

Please don’t get me wrong. When I say we all suck a little and that we should accept our flaws and not beat ourselves up because of them I do not mean that we should use it as an excuse to do nothing. I cannot stand when people act like idiots and then say ’that’s just the way I am’. That is the worst excuse and it does not absolve you from responsibility. Keep going, keep trying to achieve the life of your dreams, you absolutely deserve it, and when you do stumble a bit instead of beating yourself up forgive yourself, dust yourself off, give yourself some encouraging words and keep moving forward! And make sure to celebrate little achievements on the way. The journey will never be over but it is worth taking it.




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