What are you worth- 3 steps from shame to chic (how to go from hiding to rocking your business and your life)

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If you haven't liked what you see in the mirror for a long time now and find yourself hiding behind other people, avoiding social situations, feeling exhausted just at the thought of getting dressed of finding an outfit...is your image holding you back from really showing up in your life and your business?  YOU NEED TO READ THIS! There are 3 steps separating Frumpy from Fabulous. Hope you are ready to take yours!

What are your WORTH- 4 steps from shame to chic (from hiding to rocking your life and business)


Hey everyone,


This article is for women who feel tired, fed up and exhausted from the daily grind but mostly from feeling sh*t about themselves.

It’s for women who haven’t liked their body for a long time now, who avoid social situation, avoid being on camera, hide behind other people and truly believe that they could never look as good as those women on Instagram or even as good as their friends.

It’s for women who are fierce, determined, strong and intelligent and have so much to give but feel lost and completely let down by what they see in the mirror. How can you truly put yourself out there, promote your business and push yourself in your career if you freeze or feel sick in your stomach at the thought of people looking at you, assessing you, judging you?!

If you recognise even a little bit of yourself in what I have just said you should continue reading because I will share some tried and tested steps you can take to get yourself out of this emotional and mental hell hole.

So, if you are ready and willing to feel 'frickin' fabulous and look 'frickin' fabulous, just as you should, start loving what you see in the mirror once again and start living that life you always dreamed off let’s get started.

For those of you who don’t know me yet I am a soul-centred stylist

To be honest most of the time I introduce myself as a ‘style coach’ rather than a stylist because I do so much more than just tell you what you should or should not wear. I hold your hand through the whole process of going from feeling frumpy and unattractive and self-conscious to feeling fabulous and sexy and at peace with yourself

Why ‘soul centred’- because that’s where true style lives! We dive deep into your soul and find it, dust it off, polish it and bring it up for the whole world to see.

If you read the beginning of this blog you will notice that I have used such words as:

·       Frumpy
·       Unattractive
·       Don’t like what I see in the mirror
·       Freeze at the thought of people looking at me
·       Could never look as good as others
·       Feeling shit
·       Exhausted
·       Judging
·       Hide
·       Don’t like my body


Those are not nice feelings to carry with you every day. The saddest thing is that those words were said to me by real life women, who I know, who follow me, who are in my Bootcamp program, real life women feel like that every single day!




Do you know what other things women have said to me, the exact words they used?

·       Inspired
·       Positive,
·       Amazing,
·       Life changing,
·       Started to love and appreciate my body
·       Started to appreciate myself
·       I am so excited I cannot wait!!!!


Those are exact words used by my followers and women who are in my bootcamp to describe how they are feeling now!

I actually felt really emotional reading and listening to some of the messages I received to know that I have contributed to such an amazing positive change in their lives!

I am such a huge fan of happy confident women! I believe that if all women felt that way every day world would be a much better place that is why I am sharing my 4 steps from shame to chic with you now


Step One: Get to know you!

As Nina Garcia said ‘Style comes from knowing who you are and who you want to be in this world’

It has to come from within. Style is not about trends, sizes, it’s about YOU! It’s a mirror reflection of who you are on the inside, your opinions, your talents, your standards in life and business. Get to know who you are, build a wardrobe to reflect that and you will never again worry about how you look and what others will think! Once you know yourself and your style story you have no need to explain your choices or justify your choices to anyone and when your appearance matches who you are on the inside your whole look will be so aligned and so cohesive no one will ever question you, trust me (and Nina!)


Step two: Get inspired

Your look should absolutely represent the best version of who you are. THE BEST VERSION OF YOU. Have you heard of the saying ‘dress for the job you want not for the job you have’? There is an actual real-life scientific proof of that. When you dress for the job you want (a leader in your field) when the opportunity presents itself you will be the most obvious choice because you look like the perfect fit already. I would extend that saying to ‘Dress for the life you want, not the life you have’- if you have goals and ambitions to build up your business or to upgrade your life- dress as if you have already done that, so that perfect opportunities could present themselves to you- be prepared for them, make sure you are the perfect most obvious fit!


Step three: Get to know your body

Get to know your body- you only have one. Author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said ‘if you don’t take care of your body, where will you live’? I have spent years and years struggling with my body image so I truly understand the pain but the truth is, there is a way out of this vicious circle that does not involve fad diets or surgery. I can go on and on about the benefits of appreciating your body for everything that it does for you. For example, I am absolutely amazed that this body of mine created 4 absolutely perfect, healthy human beings with immune systems, all organs that work in perfect harmony and wonderful kind hearts and it did while I was getting on with my life. I didn’t need to sit down and map out my children’s digestive system and figure out how it will connect with their other organs, my body did it while I was watching TV… Think about all the things your body has done for you. Get to know your body, your body shape, what is the best and most flattering way to dress it. Every single body shape has its own best features that owners of other body shapes are envious of. Believe me! Every single one of you has something that your friend, neighbour, sister or follower always wanted but could never have- small waist, lean legs, beautiful neckline, small bust, big bust, narrow hips, Kardashian bum…. What ever you have- somebody out there wants it bad so start appreciating it

Once you focus on your best features and learn to accentuate them your whole perspective will change. You will start loving what you see in the mirror, which will give you a confidence boost, which will in turn make you want to take care of yourself better, which will then lead you to looking even better, you will feel more energetic and happier which will lead to improved relationships and improved productivity, which will lead to more happiness and success in your career and your business, which will give you more confidence to do it all over again and again and again..

And isn’t that a nicer vicious circle to be in then the one I described at the start of waking up already tired, spending ages looking for something to wear, starting your day feeling frumpy and unattractive, avoiding people looking at you, not putting yourself out there, not showing up for your business, not getting on those calls, promotions, videos, feeling disappointed in your progress and productivity not achieving your goals, feeling sh*t about yourself and over and over and over again…

So, decide what you are worth today- there are 3 steps separating Frumpy from Fabulous. Hope you are ready to take yours!


If you are ready for true positive transformation and you would like to learn more about my Bootcamp feel free to message me, I am always here to help fierce women to feel fired-up and fabulous in life and in business.


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