What to buy in winter sales

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*How to get the most value out of your purchases
*Reduce overwhelm
*Stay focused
*Be a savvy shopper in the sale chaos

In order to build a functional wardrobe that works for you, you should always shop prepared- make a shopping list, know exactly what you are looking for and stick to it. Well, when it comes to bargain hunting in the sales finding exactly what is on your shopping list might not always be possible due to end of line size and style availability. That does not mean that you should never shop in sales or bargain hunt! Everyone should enjoy the pleasure of getting something they will truly enjoy wearing for a fraction of the price at least twice a year, however saving can easily turn to waste when it comes to sale shopping. It is easy to get caught up in the thrills of bargain hunting and end up buying bags and bags of items that you will forever keep in your wardrobe with the tags still on. Whether you are shopping at retail prices or you are bargain hunting before you splash your hard earned cash you should still ask yourself these question about each individual item:

Do I love it more than the clothes I wore coming into the shop (i.e. am I dying to wear it?)

Do I have anything to go with it?

Would I still want it if it wasn’t on sale?

If you answer NO to any of those questions, you probably don’t need it. If you don’t love it in the fitting room, you will not love it at home, which means you will not pick it out of your wardrobe in the morning, which means it will be left sitting in your wardrobe taking up space and making you feel guilty and since you had no intention of buying it at full price you did not save anything, instead you spent money you were not intending to spend and got very little enjoyment in return.

To help you avoid this tragic scenario we have prepared a few handy tips how to get the most value out of sales. Here is what you should buy in the sales:

1.      Occasion wear

Christmas might be over, but winter is still here and you might still have a few events coming up early in the year such as weddings, birthday parties, charity/award events. Buying seasonal occasion wear in the sales means that you will look beautiful and on trend and you will save 20-70% of the retail price. Win Win Win situation

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2.  Items to carry you to the next season

January sales are a great time to invest in quality lightweight knitwear. Light knitwear can be worn all year round. It is super versatile and can be worn with jeans for a weekend look or paired with tailored trousers or a skirt for an office-friendly look. Similarly, most shirts and trousers will be reduced to clear at the end of the season. Same could be applied to long sleeve shirts and blouses. Shirts are very universal and can be worn all year round. Chiffon dresses are also a good buy. Chiffon is a lightweight fabric that isn't too heavy for spring and summer. If you invest in a long sleeve chiffon dress now you can wear it with a pair of opaque tights and boots while in spring and summer it can be teamed with a pair of sandals. The added bonus of long sleeves will mean that you do not need to look for matching cardigans or jackets for those cool summer evenings.  


3.      Timeless pieces

If you are a more classic elegance type of girl you will probably get a lot of value from shopping in sales. If you are not a fast trend chaser you will probably be able to pick up some great classic cut timeless pieces in the sales that will not only carry you into next season but will also look great taken out of the store next year (and the year after). If you are on a lookout for a new LBD or classic cut coat or well-tailored good quality trousers getting those pieces in the sales can 


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