Frump To Fabulous (in 90 days)- private coaching


Has your body or lifestyle recently changed and you no longer know who you are or how to dress yourself?

Do you feel lost, not pretty, invisible, irrelevant, frumpy and not yourself?

Do you secretly know that there is a fabulous woman within you (who was once an kick-ass female entrepreneur/professional) but you just can't bring her out anymore?

Does getting dressed feel like a chore and instead of feeling  energetic and ready to take on the day you feel mentally drained and emotionally exhausted before you even leave the house?

Do you feel so self-conscious that have you stopped showing up for your business, networking or pursuing new projects?

Do you look at your colleagues, competitors or friends and wish you had their bodies, style and their wardrobe?

Do you currently:

Struggle to get dressed in the morning. Spend ages trying things on and still leave the house unhappy with your appearance?

Do you have an overflowing wardrobe but nothing to wear?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your clothes and in your own skin?

Do you find yourself feeling so self-conscious that it is holding you back from pursuing your dreams and goals?

Do you feel too self-conscious to speak up, do live videos, follow up on prospects or attract any attention on social media, in social situations or at work?

Do you look at other women and wish you had their confidence, body, fashion sense and lifestyle?

Do you hate going out because getting dressed is too much of a chore?

Do you hate shopping because you can never find anything to fit you?

Do you buy things on an impulse but struggle to match them with what you already have in your wardrobe?

Do you feel your image is holding you back both in personal life and professionally?

This coaching course will take you from feeling frumpy, not pretty, self-conscious, uncomfortable, dis-empowered, invisible and lost back to feeling in control, energised, confident, inspired and camera ready. In just 90 days you will get your voice back, fall back in love with yourself and get passionate about your life, your business, your career and your goals again.

We believe that every woman has her own unique soul-centered style. Even if you are not into fashion and your talents and passion lie somewhere else you can still look good, have a functional wardrobe that works for you and makes getting dressed in the morning (or for any occasion) easy, calm and even enjoyable. Once you discover who you really are and what you really like you will be liberated from trying to fit into some else’s mold (i.e. dressing the way you think you SHOULD for someone your age, size, position etc). You will discover how freeing and liberating it is to dress in a way that shows a true reflection of who you are or who you aspire to be. Once you feel into your soul-centered style the process of putting outfits together, shopping and curating your own wardrobe will become calm and easy. You will unlock your confidence which impacts every aspect of your life.

In this private coaching program, I will work with you personally (1-2-1) in order to build your confidence, your self-esteem, break down your limiting believes around your appearance and your style. We will build your knowledge and competence around the most flattering ways to dress your body. We will uncover your soul-centered style that will match your lifestyle, your body, your position, age and most importantly- it will be a true reflection of who you are. This program will be tailored to you and will be delivered at a pace comfortable to you. We will schedule regular video calls at times convenient to you so I can guide you through this process and answer all your questions. You will also have unlimited access to me via email and Messenger should you require assistance in between our calls.  

In this coaching program you will learn:

Who you truly are and what you really like and connect to your soul-centered style

How to align your style with your current needs, lifestyle, position, and professional ambitions

How to dress for your body shape that is most flattering and accentuates your best features

How to create a functional wardrobe using pieces you already have and shopping only to fill in the gaps

How to shop productively and efficiently

How to deal with emotional issues that stop you from being your best self so you do not slip into you old ways ever again


If you would like to get more information or discuss payment options please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Frump To Fabulous (in 90 days)- private coaching

Frump To Fabulous (in 90 days)- private coaching

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