Frump to Fabulous Bootcamp


How would you like to feel FABULOUS?

How would you like to feel comfortable, at ease and beautiful every day?

Imagine how much fun you will be able to have if you stop worrying about how you look?

How much emotional and mental capacity you will free up for enjoying your life and pursuing your goals when you stop comparing yourself to others at work and in your personal life, stop beating yourself up about how you look and start feeling great about yourself.


Being an ambitious modern day woman, mum, female entrepreneur or mumpreneur can be quite stressful if you are struggling with your self image, your wardrobe or putting outfits together that are functional and make you feel good. Having to buy or put together outfits for work and for weekends, feeling nervous about attracting attentions and being seen, being judged for looking frumpy or for letting yourself go. Do you normally spend ages looking for the right dress for the office or family party feeling more and more frustrated and hopeless? Do you spend a fortune ordering clothes online only to be disappointed that they don't look as good as you thought they will?

How would you like to put a stop to all the stress and frustration and feel goooooood about yourself for a change?

How would you like to know exactly what to buy in order to look your best?

How would you like to feel so happy and at ease that people will start asking you 'what are you on'?

We believe that every woman has her own unique soul-centered style. Even if you are not into fashion and your talents and passion lie somewhere else you can still look good, have a functional wardrobe that works for you and makes getting dressed in the morning (or for any occasion) easy, calm and even enjoyable. Once you discover who you really are and what you really like you will be liberated from trying to fit into some else’s mold (i.e. dressing the way you think you SHOULD for someone your age, size, position etc). You will discover how freeing and liberating it is to dress in a way that shows a true reflection of who you are or who you aspire to be. Once you feel into your soul-centered style the process of putting outfits together, shopping and curating your own wardrobe will become calm and easy. You will unlock your confidence which impacts every aspect of your life.

On this coaching program, I will introduce you to my tried and tested process on how to get laser clear on who you are and what you truly like and how to build a wardrobe to reflect that. You will uncover your soul-centered style that will match your lifestyle, your body, your position, age and most importantly- it will be a true reflection of who you are. I will show you the most flattering ways to dress your body and how to focus and celebrate the best features of your body. 

In this coaching program you will learn:

Who you truly are and what you really like and connect to your soul-centered style

How to align your style with your current needs, lifestyle, position, and professional ambitions

How to dress for your body shape that is most flattering and accentuates your best features

How to create a functional wardrobe using pieces you already have and shopping only to fill in the gaps

How to shop productively and efficiently

How to deal with emotional issues that stop you from being your best self so you do not slip into you old ways ever again


If you would like to get more information or discuss payment options please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frump to Fabulous Bootcamp
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Frump to Fabulous Bootcamp

Frump to Fabulous Bootcamp

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